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River Safety

Elkhorn River Info

Tips on tubing safety

  • Always remember to have planned start/end time to your float.
  • Bring Water! Dehydration leads to confusion and poor judgment.
  • Check local weather forecasts, never float the river with inclement weather predicted.
  • River levels can change drastically in a matter of hours check the river levels at http://water.weather.gov/ahps/
  • Have fun but always remember to respect public and private Property.

Life jacket requirements

  • Any child 16 or under is required by law to wear a CoastGuard approved PFD or Life Jacket at all times.
  • All others who are floating the river on a tube, kayak, or boat are required by law to have a Coast Guard approved life jacket within reach.

 Est. Float trip Lengths

  • Normal water levels after the months of July are lower, expect longer float times.

What to do in an Emergency

  • Always have one or more in the group with a cell phone.
  • Keep your group together, know where you need to exit the river.
  • Call 911- state your last landmark, bridge, street sign or building you have seen. This information is critical to provide the rescuers.
  • In an Emergency situation find a location to stand and stay stationary. Wave arms above head to signal to rescuers you are in distress.